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History Update

The Santa Teresa’s Women’s Golf Club, founded in 1968, celebrates its 40th Anniversary at our annual Christmas Luncheon on December 12, 2008. The Christmas Luncheon has been a tradition since the early days of the club. In 2003 at the 35th Anniversary celebration, a review of the archives was made to summarize some of the “happenings” since 1968 and to recall some of the women who were the founders of our club. That information is posted on our web site under the ”History” link.
Again as the “unofficial keeper of the archives”, I have summarized some of the changes and occurrences since 2003 in an effort to keep our historical record up to date. Fortunately, our club has produced a membership booklet every year which gives members names, current officers, previous year’s captains, club champions, and handicap champions. This is a great record for preserving a significant portion of our history.
In the past five years our club has made some changes that have helped the club run more efficiently. Starters now have a list of the members names arranged by handicaps. When we arrive to play we tell the starters our name and handicap
and are checked off as being in attendance -- no more filling out the little white paper to give to the starters. Much of the communication among members is now done through email-- a mass email can be sent when information needs to be shared. Also the newsletter can be emailed, which saves postage costs.
Arrangements are also made to get information and the newsletter to the few members who do not have email addresses. Thanks to club member Ingrit Sander we now have a web site (www.stwgc.com) which has a lot of information about our club as well as a record of recent play days and tournament results. The newsletter, general meeting minutes and board
meeting minutes are also available on the web site.
The past two years we have offered a special Rally for a Cure event on one of our play days. It has been very successful and has featured many great raffle prizes as well as a luncheon. Money raised is donated to the fund for research toward finding a cure for breast cancer. The Halloween Mystery Event
continues to be a popular play day and we continue to host our Super Guest Day in the Spring.
Today, as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Club, we are happy to have in attendance four of our founding charter members....Jackie Baatz, Virginia Garland, Sallie Gray, and Teddy Kridl. Also in attendance are former members Sheila Gault, Dottie Beardsley, Shirley Strong, Jane Frees, and Betty Takadoro who joined the club twenty-five to thirty years ago. We welcome all the former members who have joined us today to help celebrate our 40th anniversary. Also in attendance are current members, Eva Myers, Rosemary Haeckel, and Alice Ney who joined the Club thirty or more years ago!
12/12/08--- information compiled by Evonne Davenport

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Santa Teresa Women's Golf Club was organized in 1968 with 34 Charter members. They had the wisdom to negotiate an agreement with the County (owner of the golf course) for the women's club to be at Santa Teresa for 50 years. Virginia Col was the first captain and Susie Hahn was co-captain. Joanne Comwell, one of the Charter members, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of our club in 1993 wrote down some of her memories of those early years:
lady.gif (2435 bytes) Virginia Col 's expertise and diligence as our first captain; the camaraderie of the early years and the many good friends that came and went; the pro shop on the bluff (note: this is now the upstairs banquet room); Earl Hallquist, the first pro, and his generosity and pride in his "girls"; the first tee tip on the bluff; the open fields surrounding the course and the vine-ripened tomatoes we swiped from the field next to the seventeenth tee!; the first guest days with our own goodies offered on the back of my Station wagon; the windy days, the rainy days, the heat and the cold — we played no matter; the Christmas luncheons, but especially those when Lynn McNulty gave her special awards; mine was a soap golf ball to wash out my mouth. (There 's no better place to become blasphemous than on the golf course!)
The golf course has had many changes since 1968. The new club house was opened in February, 1988 and a realignment of the golf holes occurred sometime before that. The first hole was originally what is now the third hole and the tee box was up on the bluff by the current banquet room. The driving range has been added and more recently the 9 hole executive course. Some of the things we might remember from the past ten years: drainage problems on holes 10,12, & 14 (rivers running across them!)...thankfully those have all been fixed; some fairways torn up by the wild pigs and the remarkable speed with which the grounds crew got the repairs made; the renovation of all the greens and the "fun" of putting on the temporary greens— especially that one on hole 11! We also remember the fun tournaments that we have had on Super Guest Days and Halloween.
As the unofficial "keeper of the historical archives" of the club, I have gleaned a few notable items about the club from minutes and newsletters:
  • Our club officially became a member of PWGA in 1969
  • Prior to 1981, general meetings were held once a month and board meetings every three months.
  • Through 1987, the refreshments for guest days were provided by club members. The social committee was made up of different members being assigned each guest day to provide the refreshments. Starting in 1988, the food was provided by the Santa Teresa kitchen for a fee and we met up in the banquet room.
  • A notice in a 1971 newsletter warned of snakes on the course; we were to be extra careful in the rough.
  • In 1970 Santa Teresa hosted one of the PWGA area play days as well as one day of the County Tournament. The County Tournament was held here again in 1979.
  • In 1971 one day of the three day PWGA Championship Tournament was held at Santa Teresa.
  • The first mention I found of a home and home event was in 1972 with Spring Valley. Home and home events were held later with Riverside and Coyote Creek.
  • Prepaid sweeps were approved by the membership to begin in 1986-1987. Prior to that the sweeps money was collected and distributed at each play day.
  • The club's first Invitational Tournament was held in 1986; a full field of 144 players participated. Later the invitational was changed to Super Guest Day
  • In January, 2002 Ida Roach, the incoming Captain, passed away. Her leadership for the club as tournament chairman and co-captain was highly praised. Vera Nelson graciously stepped in to be Captain for the remainder of the year.
  • In Fall 2002 the membership year was changed to January l to December 31 to coincide with the fiscal year. Previously the membership year had been November lst to Oct. 31st.

------  Information compiled by Evonne Davenport