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1. Membership application.
1. An applicant with an established GHIN index of 36.0 or lower may become a regular member after submitting an application and playing an introductory round of golf with a board member.  This round will be used to introduce the prospective member to our check in and scoring procedures and emphasize pace of play and the need to know the rules of golf.
2. An applicant with no GHIN number or index higher than 36.0 must play a qualifying round of golf with a board member on a scheduled play day and must score 115 or less.  The applicant has four opportunities to qualify in a calendar year, after which she must wait until the next calendar year or join as an Associate member.
3.An applicant with GHIN index higher than 36.0 may join as an Associate member by submitting an application and following the guidelines for an Associate member. An Associate may become a regular member by lowering her GHIN index to 36.0 or lower or by playing a qualifying round with a score of 115 or less.
B. The attendance year runs from January 1 through December 31. New members joining between January 1 and April 30 are required to play ten (10) games by the end of the last play day of the year. Those joining between May 1 and July 31, eight (8) games, and between August 1 and October 31, three (3) games on a regular play day. There will be no game requirement for those joining between November 1 to the last play day of the year.
C. An active member must record 10 play day credits (a play day credit can be accrued by playing on a STWGC Thursday play day, team play days, and when you fulfill your job as a starter and scorer even though you don’t play)  per year and must attend two general meetings. If these requirements are not met and there are no extenuating circumstances, active membership will end and change to that of an associate member.
D. An Active member if not serving already as a board member or chair of a committee will serve as a starter and a scorer a minimum of twice (once as a starter and once as a scorer) during the tournament year in order to remain a member in good standing.
1. Game credits is given for doing the job as starter or scorer even if said member does not play that day. Game credit is also given for members with starting and/or scoring duties on days declared as rain-outs.
2. Starters must arrive at least 45 minutes in advance of the first starting time.
3. If a member fails to show up when assigned as a starter or a scorer without notice or a reasonable cause, she will be assessed $25. She will not be allowed to participate in Thursday play days until the fine is paid.
E. Maximum club membership is determined by Course Management and may change from time to time.
F. Associate Membership
1. May attend the Christmas Party or any other social activity.
2. If previously a regular member, she may return to active membership the following year by having her name placed at the top of the waiting list.
3. Cannot hold office.
4. May only play up to 12 games a year on a play day and Will not be eligible for any awards.
5. Associate members may only call for tee times 10 days prior to the Thursday play day.
G. Teaching Professionals may join as a non-competing regular member.
A. Regular Members: Annual dues, prepaid sweeps and hole-in-one insurance will be determined by the Board. PWGA fees are determined by PWGA.
B. New Members shall pay prorated dues, plus initiation fees, hole-in-one insurance, and PWGA dues.
C. Associate Members: Dues and hole-in-one insurance will be determined by the Board. PWGA fees are determined by PWGA.
A. A member may not play to more than a 40 handicap in club events.
B. A new member who does not have an established handicap will be given a handicap number by the Handicap Chairman. Her Handicap is established once she has posted enough games to record a Handicap Index.
A. All club subsidized tournaments, such as Captain's Trophy, Ham, Bottle and Turkey Shoots and regular play days to be considered official, 20 players must start but not necessarily finish 18 holes of play. Only those who do finish are eligible for sweeps. If there are fewer than 20 who start, members will receive credit towards games played. Starters and Scorers, who fulfill their duties, will receive game credit even if they do not play. Any regular member with an established handicap will be eligible for all tournaments
Rules of eligibility for weekly, special and major tournaments are as follows: A member must have a permanent handicap based on ten out of twenty scores and must have earned a minimum of six play day credits from Jan. 1 to Sept. 1. Entry fees and awards for major and special tournaments will be determined by the Major Tournament chairperson with Board approval.

B. Best Ball Partner Match Play Handicap Tournament
1. All regular members are eligible to play in the Best Bal partner Match Play Handicap Tournament
2. This is a two week partner tournament with a 7 stroke maximum handicap difference.
3. Both rounds are played on a regular Thursday play day
4. Flights will be determined by the tournament Chair using handicaps established 2 weeks prior to the first day of the tournament which allows adequate time to determine flights.
5. Awards will be determined by Tournament Chair..

C. Championship Tournament — Medal Play
1. All STWGC regular members who have played six games between January 1st and August 31st are eligible for this event.
2. It is 36 holes of Stroke Play over two weeks. This "Flight Event" will acknowledge a Low Gross Champion and Low Gross Runner-up, as well as flight winners. (Each flight will have five winners; consisting of three gross and two net.)     
3. The number of "Flights" will be determined by the number of players in the tournament.  Each flight will have at least 8 players or more if necessary, by dividing equally. Indexes may be used to keep flights as even as possible.
4. Awards: Determined by the Tournament Chair.
5. Ties: In case of ties for Club Champion, the players involved will immediately play in a sudden- death playoff starting with hole No. 1. All other ties will be broken by retrogression in compliance with USGA Rules by matching cards for the last nine holes played using half the handicap, last six, last three, etc.
6. Both rounds will be played on regularly scheduled Thursday play-days and players must compete on these days only.

D. Eclectic Tournaments
1. To be eligible for Eclectic Tournaments, a player must have a permanent handicap by the beginning of the tournament.
2. Entry fee will be determined by the Eclectic Chairperson with approval of the Board. Number of flights and awards will be based upon the number of entrants.
3. Eclectic rounds must be played on regularly scheduled play days. Eclectic scores cannot be used if competing in match-play or best-ball tournaments.

E. Partnership Tournaments (Best-Ball, Blind Partners, Best-Ball Partner Match Play, etc.)
1. In any partnership tournament when it is necessary to draw to complete a partnership from other participants in the tournament, the score may only be used as a fill-in. The person whose score is used may win only with her original partner(s).

F. Captain's Trophy — Usually the first Thursday of each month.
1. To be eligible, a member must have a permanent handicap.
2. An award will be presented to each month's winners. She will be eligible to also win in her flight.
3. If a tie occurs for the first low net (Captain's Trophy winner) it will be broken by retrogression according to USGA Rules (i.e. last nine, last six, last three etc, allowing for strokes to determine who will receive the trophy.)
4. Low Gross will be awarded to the player having the lowest gross score. In case of ties, Low Gross winners will be awarded but will not be put into their respective flights.

G. Weekly Awards
1. In case of ties, the award shall be divided between the places. (Example: tie for 1st and 2nd place award shall be divided equally between the two; next to be awarded is 3rd place).
2. On Putting Day (Captain's Trophy Day) putts will be awarded over the field.
3. A Chip-In entry will be voluntary. Money collected will be divided equally among those having chip-ins that day. If a member has more than one chip-in, she will be paid for each chip- in she makes.

A. Most Improved Golfer: An Award will be presented to the member with the most improvement. Using the GHIN system, most improvement is based on a comparison between the previous handicap as assessed on Jan.1 to the most recent revision made on Dec. 1.
1. To be eligible, a player must have been a member with a permanent handicap and she must have played 10 times on club days for the period covered.
B. Putting Award: An award will be presented for 1st and 2nd place to the member based on the average of the lowest six (6) games with fewest putts played on Captain's Trophy Days.
1 To be eligible, a member must have played at least six (6) Captain's Trophy Days and a total of 10 times on a club day.
A. All active regular members are automatically members of the Hole-In-One Insurance Fund. When a hole-in-one is made, the member may buy well drinks, house wine, beer and soft drinks at the course on the day the hole-in-one is made and present the bill to the STWGC treasurer.
1. The hole-in-one must be made at Santa Teresa Golf Course during a club event .
2. An award is given for a hole-in-one made at Santa Teresa on a Club play day or if a hole-in-one is made by a club member representing Santa Teresa Women at a Santa Clara County WGA team play event.  In the latter case, she is not insured for purchase of drinks.
3. A hole-in-one insurance fee will be collected each year, the amount to be determined by the Board. If the fund is depleted during the year, each member will be reassessed.
1. PWGA: green fees are the responsibility of each team member.
B. COUNTY: green fees are the responsibility of each team member.

VIII. Making Reservations to Play & Receiving Tee Times

Each play day has sign up sheets for the next three weeks of play. Associates can sign up starting 10 days before the day of play. Sign up sheets are available on the clip board near the starters table on play days and during the week at the Pro Shop. You can either sign up on play days or call the Pro Shop up to a week before the scheduled play day.
On Friday before the current week of play, an email blast via our club’s GHIN.com goes out to the membership showing tee times based on the sign up sheet. (The Tournament Pairings Chair may make some changes if necessary.) At this time a player can e-mail the Tournament Pairings Chair directly to add, cancel, or request a time change until the day before that week’s play day.
An email blast goes out again on Tuesday reflecting changes.
On Wednesday of the week of play, the final e-mail blast of tee times goes out to all the players and it is e-mailed to the Pro Shop. Players wanting to make changes need to call the Pro Shop to cancel or sign up. If a player misses all these opportunities, she can show up on the day of play and get a tee time if one is available.

A. These Standing Rules may be changed by a 2/3 vote of  the present members at a General or Special Meeting.

Amended: March 13, 1997; March 1998; October, 1998; March 8, 2001; March 7, 2002; March 6, 2003; Dec. 2004; March, 2008.; September, 2008, March 2009; December, 2009; June 2010; Sept. 1, 2011; May, 7, 2012; October 23, 2015; March 31, 2016, June 2, 2016